2010 + a reflection on 2009

I’m amazed at how quickly January and February flew by.  It’s almost March and so far this year has been very productive on multiple levels – through new projects as well as through new business relationships.
A bit of a reflection on 2009 seems to be in order, but I’d like to keep looking forward and also touch on what’s in store for 2010.  Allow me to set the stage for 2009 by sharing some events that I consider to be highlights of my production career thus far:

  • With the company of my friend Ian Ware, I directed my first thriller short film; we premiered it to a packed theatre in December
  • I shot a product film for a Denver startup company at the Denver International Airport
  • I worked on my first network TV show when I traveled to Wyoming to work as a grip on a show for the Discovery Channel
  • Two short films (Chasing Yesterday and The Toast) that I edited on for director Junior Michael Ray were accepted and premiered at the Trail Dance Film Festival; Chasing Yesterday was awarded the best historical short film of the festival; and I now have an official IMDb page
  • When the Biggest Loser came to Colorado Springs to shoot an episode, I worked as an assistant cameraman
  • The Colorado Springs office for the American Diabetes Association hired me to direct a promotional film for their StepOut walks
  • And, I started to travel on more shoots when I shot a couple customer stories in Kansas City and Atlanta

And all of that happened in just my first full year working as a freelance filmmaker and running my production company full-time.  So, what’s in store for 2010?  A fair bit has already happened in these first two months of the year.  I have plans to expand ZWFILM’s services to offer more to local businesses and provide a powerful way for them to connect with their customers online.  And, I have a major addition to ZWFILM in the works, but for now it needs to remain my secret project

I’m extremely grateful for the opportunities that have come my way and I’m excited to make things happen this year.  I’ll continue to post updates here on the ZWFILM blog as things come together!


  • Pat

    WOW! 2009 was a very good year. Here’s to a fantastic and productive 2010!

    • http://www.zwfilm.com ZWFILM

      Thanks so much Pat!