A Day On the Set of Short Western Parallax

Short films create a great framework for indie filmmakers to experiment and try new techniques. I’m a fan of short films, both making and watching them. I look to them as a filmmaking sandbox of sorts, where we get to play with the same creative elements and constraints as marketing videos, but simply in a different context.

Last summer I spent a couple weeks filming PARALLAX, a short western written/directed by my friend Meredith Mantik. It was an adventurous production, and made even more so due to disagreeing weather and wildfire delays – we were filming in the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs when the Waldo Canyon fire began.

This behind-the-scenes (BTS) timelapse gives a look into the day when we shot the audition scenes that take place within the movie. I asked some of the crew and cast to chime in on the day, too.  Here are their thoughts on PARALLAX:

Enter Meredith

PARALLAX is 26-minute Western about modern-day filmmakers Cameron and Bernadette who come to the West to restore the Western genre. But first, they need the perfect cowboy. Enter Wayne, who’s exactly what they wanted, and more…

This was one of the most fun production days since we weren’t pressed for time and weren’t under the threat of fires, flood, hurricanes, etc. After Zach and Ryan rocked the lighting, we shot three different scenes (hence the MANY different set-ups) with Kaleb Rittenhouse (Cameron), Samantha Steveson (Bernadette), and Jeff Bosley (Wayne). It was also a blast to have local actors, friends, and supporters contribute to the opening audition scene. –Meredith Mantik

Enter Jeff

I remember very vividly going into audition for PARALLAX just looking for a fun acting role.  I walked out with an overwhelming sense of losing the role.  Man was I wrong.

9 months later and still rocking post-production, PARALLAX exemplifies true passion when a group of like-minded filmmakers get together.  This time lapse epitomizes how that passion can create an unforgettable project.  People that love to work, will do anything on set.  You will see lead actors hanging lights, directors providing craft services, sound guys helping with shots and actors driving an hour, on faith, for a 5 second cameo…you name it, we helped do it.

If there is anything to be said about the two and a half minutes of footage here, the take away would be how truly amazing a project can be with the collaboration of equally passionate people.  I will never forget any day of filming ‘Parallax’.

Every day on PARALLAX was different and chaotic, but within that chaos was the comforting constant that we all loved our time on this film. –Jeff Bosley

Looking Ahead

There are some moving parts pending (music and sound design), but it’s looking like PARALLAX will be released the summer of 2013.

Stay tuned and check out the movie’s IMDb page for more details on the movie.

Special thanks to Andy Rice for lending his musical talents to this behind-the-scenes timelapse.  Check out more of his music at soundcloud.com/helicase . And thanks to Colorado College for giving us access to Studio B in Cornerstone Arts Center to film these scenes.

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  • Austin Samuel

    Hey guys, how is Parallax coming along? Is a trailer available?